『G激情少女』 MONSTER淫褻濕濡名器
『G激情少女』 MONSTER淫褻濕濡名器

『G激情少女』 MONSTER淫褻濕濡名器

定价 $136.00 $99.99 打折

日本 Magic Eyes 出品


Magic Eyes Monster G has been especially designed to be stretchy and pliant, while still hard and tight when you are inside. From its pert and hugging entrances, slide yourself into the up-and-down "spiral" passage, with its countless nubs and all-over stimulating curves, creating a 3D experience.

The "G" stands for G-spot and you will see what we mean after you've tried the highly unusual, spiralling textured hole inside. The final twists and turns will stroke and delight your head, as you push your way to a g-spot-gasmic finale. As the makers declare, "it's a monster" and it will transform the normal onahole experience into a pulsating vaginal orgy of wet juices.