TENGA 异次元FLIP HOLE飞机杯男性自慰器 白色新款
TENGA 异次元FLIP HOLE飞机杯男性自慰器 白色新款

TENGA 异次元FLIP HOLE飞机杯男性自慰器 白色新款

定价 $149.99 打折

单身也能骁勇善战,TENGA 异次元FLIP HOLE飞机杯男性自慰器,特殊两瓣式设计,实现了复杂缠绕的细节构造,3段式手动控制给你超乎想象的快感。白色 被细腻细节和柔软胶体包围的温柔快感!
黑色 高弹力胶体的立体爽快感!
银色 高度的密着感中,锐利的边缘'噗'地弹出!
红色 密集胶体,来自多面地柔滑地缠绕!




The greatest sex toy for men ever made? We think so! The TENGA Flip Hole is a state-of-the-art masturbation device for men. It looks and feels like no other male sex toy ever made. 3 buttons create separate, individually controlled actions - go for it!   And it's TENGA's first ever reusable sex toy. You demanded it - TENGA delivered.

The clever, futuristic casing is partially flexible, with three buttons that create separate, individually controlled actions at different points along the shaft - massaging the head, sucking at the bottom - the choice is yours.

The case flips open to reveal the amazing silicone sleeve filled with nubs, nodules, bumps and ridges designed to create a genuinely better-than-real experience.Unlike the rest of the TENGA male sex toy range, The TENGA Flip Hole is reusable and is a breeze to clean and maintain. Flip it open, rinse and dry. Easy!

Made of high quality material and packaged in a stunning case, the TENGA Flip Hole comes complete with 3 TENGA lubricants designed to work in harmony with the Flip Hole - Mild, Real and Wild. Which will be your favourite?

The Flip Hole stands 7 inches tall, and with its cool good looks and non-realistic opening it really doesn't look like a sex toy!. You can insert up to 6.5 inches of the shaft into the Flip Hole. The diameter of the sleeve is 3 inches - and as the tube and sleeve are both flexible, it can accommodate a shaft width of at least 2 inches.

This is a non-vibrating sex toy but with sensations like that, we don't think you'll mind!

Please Note - The TENGA Flip Hole has a small air bubble next to the first button on the unit. This is to help with the expansion of the rubber and will not rupture or pop during use.